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Improving careers through

Online Education

The leading global learning platform for  professionals

Quebiko is the global online training platform that brings together professionals and the best possible instructors.   Quebiko’s creates the platform for professionals to advance their careers in their respective fields.   Offering a spectrum of Post Graduate qualifications, certificate courses and webinars.

Quebiko also welcomes professionals who wish to instruct in a particular fields, the only requirement being that the subject matter deals with professional content as set out in the content parameters.



Quebiko – from the Japanese Kuebiko (久延毘古) is the Shinto kami (“god; deity”) of knowledge and agriculture, represented in Japanese mythology as a scarecrow who cannot walk but has comprehensive awareness.

Pronounced: Kwe-bi-kaw

The colour purple is traditionally also associated with the emperor, aristocracy and wisdom.

Together this forms the Purple Scarecrow Motif  which symbolises the comprehensive awareness and wisdom that is gained through education.

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