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Create an online course and earn money by teaching people around the world.

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Earn money every time someone buys your course.  You get 70% of the course fee, paid to you monthly

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You have something to share – help other tax professionals advance their careers by sharing your knowledge

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Take advantage of our active community to create your course and make it available to a wide audience.  Share experiences with other instructors and learn more yourself

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Please complete the form to the right.  Please make sure the user information is the same as per your student profile.  It is critical that you provide us with a description of why you want to be an instructor on Quebiko.

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Our Instructor Support Team is here to help you through your course creation needs. Use our Teaching Centre, a resource centre to help you through the process or contact us at

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Start with your passion and knowledge. Choose a topic and plan your lectures  carefully.

Prepare each lecture in MS Word (or similar)




Presentation Slides, worksheets, reading materials and videos (not a requirement – use your phone or use screen casting software like Camtasia)

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Write welcome messages for your students and answer their questions. Create quizzes, exercises, and assignments to build interactivity. Your students like to interact!

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