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Scott Massey

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  • BA History: The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina (Charleston, SC USA)
  • MA Diplomacy: Norwich University (Northfield, Vermont USA)

Scott Massey is an entrepreneur and experienced participant in multiple security and economic development projects globally.  A United States Army Officer, business founder, advisor and board member Scott has been involved in every aspect of the security and economic development work flow in multiple places around the globe.  His deep interest in the developing world and its opportunities as they solve their challenges through indigenous methods is his life’s commitment.  He has specific experience in Yemen, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Malawi, Jordan, Germany, Sweden among others.  Scott and his wife Kristy are the parents of 2 sons and a daughter.  

Disclosures:  Scott Massey has been or is an interested party / stakeholder in the following organizations related to the content of the work being discussed here:

·      Center for Global Strategies 

·      Baobab Foundation 

·      African Contingency Operations Training Assistance – United States Department of State

·      1 Million Strong 

·      Centres for African Leadership

·      Innermetrix INC

·      African Defense Systems – South Africa


South Carolina, USA

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