Quebiko for Schools

QUEBIKO . FOR . SCHOOLS Are you a teacher or a school?

We provide our platform to schools
through our myONLINEclass programme

Amongst the chaos created by Covid-19 Coronavirus

myONLINEclass FREE to educators and schools

The world as we know it has changed, and we have to adapt. QUICKLY.

Schools around the globe are closing and more and more learners are having to complete school-tasks at home.  We do not know how long this may continue, however, but by all accounts it is going to last several months.

The last thing we want is for our children and educators to struggle to get through the remainder of the year.

purplRocket.com is offering the myONLINEclassroom e-learning platform (LMS) for FREE to ALL EDUCATORS wishing to make it easier for their pupils to participate in ONLINE classes.

We will also give the system, FREE of charge, to schools (up to 250 learners)* that sign up.

Visit myONLINEclass (www.myonlineclass.eu) or complete the form provided.