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PODCAST: First Nigeria TP Case – Lessons to be learnt

Why multi-nationals must bolster their legal teams in TP disputes with outside legal counsel that can prepare for and argue …

PODCAST: Ghana Revenue Authority tackles shareholder loans

We discuss the Ghana Revenue Authority tackling shareholder loans AND not adhering to the OECD TP Guidelines. For more information …

SARS attaches money from taxpayer’s account

SOUTH AFRICA: A taxpayer has been informed by their bankers that SARS have attached funds directly from their bank account. Dr Erasmus has a short discussion around this and talks about options.

PODCAST: SARS is circulating letter i.t.o section 46 of the TAA

SARS is circulating a section 46 of the Tax Administration Act, 2011 request for relevant material to many multinationals requesting information about their intra-group services.The fact that this is taking place on a widespread basis calls into question whether or not SARS are complying with the essence of s46 of the Tax Administration Act, 2011.

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