Gold Rate in Delhi

Delhi, one of India’s largest consumers of gold, has seen declining and steeply rising rates that have caused distress and instability to the gold market in the region. There could be a variety of reasons for this, but given the state of affairs created by COVID-19, investing in these assets appears to be a safer option. Apart from that, gold hasn’t been the most popular asset in recent years, but the drop in equity prices at the start of 2020 boosted gold prices. Delhi is one of the country’s largest gold consumers, with most purchases made for trading purposes.

Gold Rate Today Price Trends in Delhi

As on Jan 15, 2024 1 gram 8 grams 10 grams 100 grams
24 Carat Gold ₹6,317 ₹50,536 ₹63,170 ₹6,31,700
22 Carat Gold ₹5,952 ₹47,616 ₹59,520 ₹5,95,200

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