According to a new report by USAmicroplastics have been found in human heart. This is found in a pilot study of people who underwent heart surgery by researchers in ACS’ Environmental Science and Technology. Microplastics have been found in heart tissues.

Although, these plastic elementsare less than five mm, in other words, it would be around the size of a peanut. Plastic is such a harmful element, that, wherever scientipsts have tried to find it they get some of it. Even in the inner organ such as heart and digestive tract: lungs. Microplastics were also found in blood tissues. 

The infilteration of plastic into human heart is a reminder that consiquences of plastics are not bound to just external environment, but it’s effecting our internelly as well.

There are so many ways by which plastic can enter our body.Plastic have become an irreplacable and integral part of our life. As, now a days, plastic is seen everywhere. Whatever eatables we buy from markert we get in plastic.  Strict actions should be taken by govt. to hault the use of plastic and promote the use of brass and copper.


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